segunda-feira, 29 de agosto de 2011

Collaborative Storytelling

This is the result of a collaborative storytelling activity I applied on my Level 6 students at Step1 Idiomas, Márcio and Mariana. They had to finish the following story:

One night, around midnight, I was reading a book of old folklore. The book was boring and it was late, and I was close to falling asleep. Suddenly, I heard a sound. A knock on my door. I was not expecting any visitors at that time of night. I was very scared, but I opened the door. When I opened the door...

I just felt the cold breeze of the night. There was nobody in front of me. At this time, I wasn't falling asleep anymore and decided to go for a walk with my 14-year-old dog, Bob.

When I started the walk, my dog stopped in front of a church and I noticed the door was open. Suddenly, the bell began ringing very loud, and I decided to check what was going on. The stairs were full of dirt until the top of the church tower, so I thought it should be some homeless person, but actually, I knew nobody lived there. I was coming back when I felt a strange sensation. Bob was very excited and I looked at him when I felt a terrible heat.

And there it was, running down the stairs so fast that I could only move my body as close as possible to the wall, a huge body of a horse with a flaming head. After I had enough time to identify the animal, I noticed that Bob was gone. The animal was very similar to a picture shown in the old folklore book, but it was too real to my eyes, and suddenly I woke up.

That was a surreal dream, and I believed I was going to die. Bob was on the street, barking. All was cold and I was almost calm again.

Very good work, guys!